What do i think about myself

i think i am a robot. Predictable with my feelings, emotions, behavior , thoughts . A program, a calculator , a computer. What do we like the most about it. It does what we ask for in a controlled , repeatable and predictable way. I wonder if i would use any of these if every time i switched my PC a dog pounces one me or, or it starts raining on my head or a skunk hits my face. Anyhow you get it. I dont know if others think the same way. This constant , perpetual demeanor is taken advantage of lot of people who know how to manipulate it. That’s of Adverts work. That’s how your Amazon know your girl friend is pregnant before you do. Lets not get it to the specifics of that.

Interesting idea here is. Even though i think and act the same way lot of time. Being conscious of  it can help me change it. Only to a certain extent . See consciousness is a limited resource. once done with that your will be back to your automatic behavior which khaneman  puts as system 1.


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