New Plan


have no expectations over yourself. no belief , no hope. You can fail all the times 100%. Be prepared.
Only thing that you need to do is experiment.

if something is working, continue. If it is not, change.
if you dont have the energy to change then stop.
if it is a crucial item , how can i find the energy , when i am down. you have to. there is not much you can do.

this is were the automation comes in to place. this is what the other guy was talking about.
automation of the regular mundane stuff that it can save time for you to do the other stuff.

everything that you do. failure is guaranteed. question is what are you gonna do about it.
how can you  maximize the learning with this failure. your perception will change everything.
that is what Edward Bono is talking about. Perception drives behavior , it not logic not emotions.
it is the perception.
side projects
– complete the revision
– see what can you do about CV , start with blank. use inputs
– sql and unix. this is the last bought dog. this is it. whatever i am gonna do on this. this is it.

find a way to remember this forever. I know for sure that, the reason i am not able to remember much is because that i am not using
these skills and tips on day to day. so my brain is not able to remember.
focus on technology and alogirthm, know the commands
know the way. semantics is not that important
know the commands, know the logic, know how it is done.


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