25th March 2016

I have created my Plan. Found some wonderful insights on the resume. Insights from Adam Scott. Some very useful sites.


statita is really fun website with whole world of statistics.

windows has a 75% share of the operating system in the world.

Did a lot of research on why one does not get interview calls. Made it into a sheet.


above can be used to get sample resumes. However it looks fake to me.

for free online courses , find courses for content writing in udemy0000



twenty one has a useful resume writing zip file. Even though the resume are not good, the action word list is nice and useful

very nice and vibrant new website


i did research on toad, however i did not find it much useful. Toad is owned by Dell and it is de facto standard to use for the Oracle databases world wide


service now is such a big industry , they provider services like incident management etc to the industry. Surprisingly UBS is not listed in their customer list. So i am wondering why is that.


Splunk is also kind of similar , what they do they analyse the data through all logs and devices and stuff and provide operational intelligence.

You can create a lot of custom windows shortcut, try this at home on to your laptop

Keyboard Ninja: Create a Hotkey to Switch to Your Open Outlook Window

feature of android 6.0 mentioned. brilliant. i did not know i was using 6.0 and it is called marshmallow. i downloaded a very cool wallpaper app and an app called doze that is supposed to shut the network connection when my phone is turned off


windows 10 is probably programmed using C,C++ and mostly c#


i found that i have learned so much today and that writing a blog about the day at the end of the day is a good revision and helps to recollect things better and will help me to process and use this all new and useful information to good productive use.

Most important is good productive use. since i can recollect and use and apply and leverage this knowledge.



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