26th March 2016

started the day with a 5k park run. My first time ever. What a way to start. The Naive cab driver not only wasted my money but got me late to the venue. No malaise to the driver,I think it is not his fault. Google failed us with the actual address. Logically Car Park B1  must be next to B2, well that was the case eventually. The Cab driver did not think that way. I was correct before. Then i toyed with the course map.I Realized that the start and end point is same. So go back and forth multiple times, till my bill was high.

I learnt a lesson. Always observe more. I could have checked the course map. But hey, i did not expect google to go wrong. Chill out dude.I now know the way in and out of car park B1. I just need to go near Big splash and walk back or find a near bus stop.

I took so long to get hear. This is the real deal of the day. Park run. My best 5k ever. 21.24 . yes man . I did it. Under 22 minutes. with an average of 4m and 17 sec. i was dying in the last 500m.

It was great fun. After the run i was in a state of trance for about an hour. I dont know what was that. I do know now, where i stand and what i need to do next week.

My aim is to keep a target of 4m 10 sec average per km and finish the run within 21m. Yes but to do that i need to come on time before. Cheers

The after talk at start bucks was great. I spoke to nice guys like gil,airline guy,ramon,anand. Very warm guys.

I read Adam Scott. His concept of Optimizer vs Simplifier was insightful. When i read this book,  i feel like i am talking to myself. I had this reminiscence of Dr Dre. His Idea of why he listens to lot of bad records.Such that he knows what not to do.This is exactly the reason why i am reading Adam Scott.To know what not to do.How losers think and how not to think like that.

The concept of Personal Energy is masterful.I have been thinking of this for so long.Sleep right,Eat right,Exercise right.Yet i am unable to do it.Look dont reduce your sleep. Unclutter your mind Sleep well. Its OK if you sleep   an hour more or so, because you will be so calm and relaxed , you can do all your tasks faster and it more efficient manner.

So you increase your efficiency being cheerful, happy and content.

Work ways to improve your Personal Energy. Try to work on the things that get you excited and charge you up.Like writing charges me up,try to find others things that charge you up.Personal Energy is very important.

Dr Dre is really a doctor and there is magic in magic Johnson.

I read about Elon Musk. Which got me thinking.How is that some people come up with innovative ideas and others don’t. I have written a big colorful write up on my Ideas book. I will give a small brief here.I crux is in the Understanding.

The innovators no matter which field they are they are able to understand what is there and what not. So it helps them to see what others don’t. And what they don’t see they build to have that in the universe. Straight Up.

Now i am feeling nervous to write a new CV to the  recruiter which is giving me nervous chills . Let do this and get it out.

Today i learnt how a healthy heart must sound like.

Genesis is flawed. No wonder people are biased and closed who study religion because all that came from these bad books



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