27th March 2016

I start the day with a sense of disappointment. I missed the alarm.Not the first time.I have gotten used to waking up like this.It does not get to me anymore.I live another day to be better.

I wrote down my ideas in my book, i had quite a few.

Read Taleb , his erudite writing stuns me every time.Today he started describing about his favorite person who he thinks comes the closet to the theory of Randomness , Mr Benoit Mandelbrot.

Mandelbrot or lets call him M as it is easy to pronounce, has created Fractal theory , which can even explain randomness. Everything fractal or small part or entity represents the whole. In that you can know or get an idea of the whole just why looking at the fractal. For example leaf is a fractal of branch , so a branch can be envisioned by looking at a leaf and a tree can be envisioned looking at a branch. Another one, a rock is fractal of mountain. Mountain can  be envisioned by a rock. the size the shape the matter.

sleep to ocean’s heartbeat – natures’s lullaby – spotify – fun factor to the boring CV stuff

If you add references or support your theory with someone famous person work then your work will be appreciated more.


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