28th March 2016

I decided last week that I will call the consultancy no matter what and ask them what happened.It turned out , it was a good decision.

I gave a call, the consultant recognized me. I did not have to give any background.They knew what i was going to ask.She went to it straight away.

“Manjit the firm had contacted us last week, just after two days they told you are shortlisted.However there seems to be problem lately.The firm said that the EP approval is being delayed for certain agency and that it is not a good idea to get EP holders, for this job.We want either citizens or PR”

Well, I don’t know how much of this is true.I appreciate the fact that the consultant chose to be nice to me by not telling the truth if at all i was rejected or it could be that what she told was indeed a fact.

Regardless of the validity of the statement i am literally jobless now.

Productive question to ask myself at this point is.What do i do now. Well there always the old routine.And then there is a new idea which has been brewing in my mind for a while. See if you are really an outstanding candidate , people dog fight for you.Nobody is gonna say no to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

The Illusion of credibility.

I don’t blame people for falling in this trap.After all we have been in this trap whole life.The past is used as a principle to predict your future.Your degrees and qualification blah , blah and blah . If you have all these then you will get an interview. In the interview you need to answer all sort of bullshit questions.

I don’t think any job is below me.I do think that having certain expertise in a field helps you to start off easily.That doesn’t mean one gets to fly higher unless they want to and try hard.I have seen lot of experts like this in programming languages being a dump.So knowing few things better doesn’t make one good at a job.It is the attitude to excel that counts.

In this ever changing world and even fast changing technology field.One cannot be successful by doing the same thing or knowing the same over and over.One needs to evolve.Learn quickly.Keep updated.Person who does that with changing times and tide will be with the new generation and be resourceful.Well the dumb recruiters dont think that way.

few concepts from books

priority,sitting position and personal energy – Adam Scott

Selfish,Stupid and those who are burden to the world

unfair , starting early and ground conditional advantage,10,000 hour rule – Malcolm

what if the earth stopped – Mark

self discipline – Robert

good artists copy, great artists steal – Steve Jobs

We are all programmed to suck, if you want to do better in life then you will have to beat your programming – Manjit Ullal

No matter how hard you work to get yourself up, someone else is working equally hard to put you down – Dr Dre


how to knee works

few questions on ITIL

My system.How should perceive ? Look I am gonna say that, this is me and this is my choice.I have made it . Period. Now don’t bother me with your shit.

There is distractions all the way round to from your path and goal. Remember that being focused and moving in the parallel path is difficult.I like to work hard, do the tough things because that makes me feel that i have achieved something.

Fear must be your driving factor home.Whenever you feel distracted from your path. give a call to Fear it will drive you home. Fear of not being good,Fear not being the best you can , Fear of being Idle,Fear of not having enough time,Fear of not learning,Fear of not using your resources,Fear of your prejudice,Fear of your understanding,Fear of missing,Fear of hearing,Fear of filtering,Fear of you,Fear of the world,Fear of environment,Fear of external situations,Fear that you might lose to it,Fear you are already losing to it,Fear of getting back to where to started,Fear of losing it all,Fear of effort,Fear of knowing,Fear of not knowing,Fear of emotions,Fear of not feeling,Fear of the monkey in your head.



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