29th March 2016

Understanding and Assumption

When people like me see something , read something , anything we make sense of it using our common sense, how sense of understanding which is based on the filters which has been implicitly created in our mind without our knowledge.

This method of understanding has lot of flaws. What we see we only understand from our point of view , which is incomplete in a sense that we are looking at it from a very biased way with all our prejudice , with all our misunderstanding , with all our lack of sense and our assumptions.

I realized something today.One of the reason i get so convulsive is because i dont like being ordered. When somebody orders me i dont like it.

In a sense the other person may say please etc but you know that it is never so polite and diplomatic. Mostly it is rude,arrogant and  inconsiderate.

Nobody like a bully and being ordered.Why doesn’t someone who is doing this ever realize.

One major implication of this is , i dont like working in a Team or for some company any more.I dont mind being wrong.I want to learn and improve.But i dont like to work with these bullies who have no consideration of their demeanor. I am tired of being a victim because i am always too nice not to speak up. People are not so open minded.

I  want to learn from people and be better. I want to work with everyone with harmony. I try my best to be in my best behavior all the time, yet there are some people for some reason want to be a bully. what can i do. I choose to be passive all the time . a Nice guy being pushed around.





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