4th April 2016

I am a winner , that attitude has to be hard coded in mind. What would a winner do, always try to win no matter what the odds are and no matter what the situation.

I found few interesting things yesterday. About Human nature. How people act out of emotions. More often when we act out of emotions , one tends to disrespect the other which can exacerbate the situation. Some people who i think are cultured and mannered behave like a total wreck. I felt like witnessing a street fight where both the people in conflict are not ready to submit. Clash of Ego, Hurt,Disrespect and the arrogance on top of it not back down to calm the shit down. Its ugly and unfruitful. I have been in situations like these and witnessing events like this makes me think more about the value of human emotions in life.

Today i have loaded my mind with huge amount of data,information,opinions,laws etc.

let me see how much can i recollect.

I normally take a book with me all the time.today it was the Talent code by Danny coyle. Concepts chunking,imitation.Slow,precise and accurate.chunk as much as possible know how each chunk work.Then put all these pieces together for the whole skill.

Log in to work, was kind of busy whole day.Not sure if it was the work or my inefficiency.When keep doing same stuff over and over again the inefficiency subsides subconsciously.I checked out the cs 50 week 0,too much video and lot of content which i felt i dont need it and the programming on their tool scratch looks like a waste of time for me.

read Jordon during lunch.Om the way to home,read talent code again , more examples on slow and accurate practice.  On one end he says you need 10,000 hours of practice and the other end he says , right practice you will learn so much and do better like a month full of skill in just one day or a week.

Slept.checked cs 50 , struggled.try to apply for jobs but could not get the right attitude.made some coffee.did some research which i dont remember much , probably on the Inter-nations, played some brain games on which i was pretty descent. then back to training with shufflers.

During the walk i read a bit about Brief history of time. How Light requires a medium or not to travel. it acts like a wave. I could not understand much on the past and future cone part.is the light from bulb and the light that comes from sun are different. what are the various lights that we get from sun.does the energy reduce when the light reaches earth , if yes then does that indicate the loss of energy in the medium. Is space a giant place with electro magnetic feild. Can we create energy power house in space , there is always some or the other activity over there, assuming the work to get the job done is less due the lower friction can we find a way to generate the power in space and transmit it back to earth just like any electro magnetic way.

why have wires , why cant electricity be wireless.

Read lot of cool stuff about Elon Musk while going, while coming back cant recollect what i reading , i remember in bus i started with SW but in train what was i reading about.




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