5th April 2016

Tips on making the content interesting

How to ‘Humanize’ Your Blog to Drive Engagement

I read about the CFA course. Found it interesting and intriguing. Challenging and fun. I am always ready to try stuff that is beyond my current skills set , higher challenges which will broaden my ability and help me advance in my career. It brings a level of complexity and sophistication in personality.  Thing about higher goals is tougher the contest greater the satisfaction at the end of journey. I will not say end of journey but end of task.


one might think, what is the eagle doing here. Well i like eagles. They are beautiful.

I like to think of things that spur my personal energy. Eagle it is for now.

CFA course seems very interesting course. It is quite elaborate and requires months of effort. On the hindsight it may look interesting and fun thing to learn, question is do i have the time for that


That is a biggest question. We all have such a limited time and yet we all take it for granted and stay complacent. Not anymore for me.

I have to make the best of the time that i have got.

Flow- The state of being completely aware of your consciousness. Where there is order in mind and Harmony with oneself. The Flow. Find flow in everything you do and you don’t need anything else to make you happy. Find a purpose , a goal , a higher challenge bigger than you , immerse yourself so much in the activity that you forget you, and you become the activity. In that moment nothing matters except the activity itself. The Flow

Brief about stock market by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates favorite book  , Adventures in Business.

Stock exchange for the very first time was introduced in Amsterdam 1611, 2oo years later it came to united states. Why we need these stock market and exchange ?

for capital flow , industrial revolution , for the economy etc.

Then an contrast or rather a similarity between 1929 crash and 1962. Some people who have been making some profit , let say in last 10 years tend to believe they might be getting this game of money , and then one day a crash like 1962 happens which shakes so much to the core that them may never advise anyone again. It is so brutal, no one knows what is coming.

Then there is the inter dependency between markets. A slowdown in America can cause a major loss in Chile as Chile sell lots of copper , an unintended manifestation of inter dependency. The Fall of prices can affect millions or dollars to these growing economy that depend on the bigger capital markets.

Beat Box

Finger drumming

Dale’s Tale of the day. Don’t say people are wrong. Do it in a subtle way such that they don’t notice.

examples : hey that is wrong vs hey here is another way to look at it,

it may be true in some cases , here is another line of thought

understand than judge or evaluate .


Here is a note for people who are reading this except me, If you think the contents are not related and confusing , i am sorry for that. This is more of journal of my learning, observation,notes of a day in my life( The date page name might make sense) . I like to wander. Hence the range and diversity of the topics. Lot of the ideas i mention are from books and famous authors. I am happy to share on request or elaborate on any idea.


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