6th April 2016

one day closer to death. Probably the most pessimistic thought to begin the day. Not for me, the fact that i think this way makes me appreciate time more and be more attentive and focused through out the day.

I want to re invent myself.What can i do ? Use left hand more often such that it will stimulate the right part of my brain.Look for new paths.Stop following a routine.Smile more.Make my neutral and default behavior friendly like Benjamin Franklin.

Now, let get to the stuff

Today’s Book

Rich dad poor dad – thoughts


Grow financial intelligence. Acquire assets. Model your Heros. Teach. When you teach someone to sell , you will indeed learn how to sell. Teaching is a way to learn better.

To get more you need to give more,give advise,help,smile more.Even if you dont get anything back that is ok. Learn from others or the history, Whatever might be your Idea it is highly likely that someone else has already tried it.Make a lot of offers , explore , negotiate , accept and reject. You make money by buying not selling, so find an asset at a Bargain wait for the change and then sell. You will never know true value of an asset because the seller always want to sell high to make profit, so bid low and see what happens.Sometime the seller might be desperate to just get rid of the asset so might be willing to sell for a dime.Stop doing what you are doing. Reflect.

I finished the book. A relief and a void. Only way you can good uses of a book like this is to invest and act on those ideas. Well, I have started slightly i have long road to follow.


I have so much to learn from this man Plato. The true definition of justice is explained in this. Today it was about Socrates arguing against Thrasymachus on the notion that Justice is an interest of stronger, that being unjust is not advantageous over being just.

example the Any Art is for the subject than for Art itself.Hence the Ruler is or a good ruler is meant to consider the subjects than rule to his own interest because the job being unforgiving. If you are good and dont want to be ruled by someone lower than you then you better get into the ruling position.

The Idea of Reward, Honor and Punishment the hallmark of each and every Government in the world is essentially modeled out of his book. I have read this somewhere, and it makes sense.


Sir Alex, What can i say . The way he motivates players , the content was to casual today not much to mention.

What Did I Learn ?

I learnt few UNIX concepts. Of course a lot from books. VBA is not easy.


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