8th April 2016

Hot Head, Red hot.

It is a lot books . I like to read may be 10 pages or more of a book in a day and complete it may be in 2 or 3 months time than read it full throttle and finish it in weeks.

I find this more enjoyable. The books I read are high on conceptual understanding , hence too many ideas can create a sour soup in my Brain. Hence i read may be 3 books , per day, each about 10 – 20 pages , assimilate as much ideas as i can . Learn it , Invest on it , think about it , flip it upside , side ways , implement it , dream about it. This process make the ideas more permanent and helps me become better.

Here is the catch . These are my interpretation of the ideas. They are not original. This is how i see them. So If anyone wants to know more about it , read the book. May be your understanding will differ from my mine, in which case your perception about it could be very different from mine. ( i think i need to mention this quote all the times, ignore it if you have already seen it before)


best way to explain the catch is by looking at the solid cylinder above. Look , the cylinder is same but looks different from different angles. From top it looks a single dimensional circle , from the side it looks two dimensional rectangle , from the edge it looks three dimensional solid.

This how Human perceptions are. I may be seeing only the top view , someone else might be seeing the side view and the others might be seeing the 3d view. My goal in life is to look at each situation from different perceptive. Only then you can understand something well.

Digging deep on to Ideas


Charisma in simple terms is Presence, Power and Warmth. How to be Present ?

-listen to sounds around you, pay attention only . Dont judge
-focus on the breath, breath thought the stomach
-attention to body , like pressure on toes

Some of the way to lose presence , Anxiety of uncertainty. Our Brain does not know the difference between fact and fiction. Yes, Sounds like a bummer.  It is true. What you perceive of a situation will manifest in mind and body. No matter what the situation you can choose to think what you want to.

Anxiety can lower presence , confidence and fear. It could be because we are thinking way too much of various possibilities, what others think of us, what could happen etc. Best way according to the author to deal with it by transferring the  outcome or the worry of something to an entity. That way you will lower its effect on you.


Art of deception. Thinking ahead of the opponent. Thinking of various possibilities , normally losers are the one who haven’t done enough permutations on the possible outcomes.


The Story starts with a conversation between two monk like figures , one old and wise and the other young and talented. Not much at this point


still getting back to where i left


This is fun , i cam up with so many ideas from a few minutes read from this book. Lateral thinking. An approach to generating ideas i would say.

We are used to following routines and patterns everyday which stops us from exploring new ways or approaches or methods to solve a problem or execute a job etc. Problem focus, Area focus. Dont use the most common and obvious way. you have to come up with a new way.Unless we try different ways. How will we know which one is the best ?

Lateral thinking is about getting out of the box. This is purely my idea, Get out of box . Don’t care about the practicality or execution. I need to fix this bulb , An Alien is gonna do that for me or i Will leave the room or get a table light or i am gonna do magic . Whatever it is .

Let you mind wander, as much as it wants dont bind it. When you have done enough. Get into the box, think which one is a good approach.When fixated on the approach. Only then think about its practicality.



Just getting started


I enjoy reading Adam Scott. Very down to earth. Practical methods from his own recipe. The Creator of Dilbert. A Fun read.

Today it was about , good + good = excellent.  Acquire many skills . Each additional skill will add more value to your personality. Great thing about this is you wont notice that.

See in my experience my decent math skills has helped me to do calculations in mind without reaching onto calculator whether i am shopping or booking a ticket online or analyzing a stock. I never knew it was much useful unless i found people using calculator and struggling with numbers even for a simple two digit numbers.



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