12th April 2016

What does a Business Analyst Role look like?

I see a lot of them with MBA in this domain. That looks like a leap. All the fancy degree , yet such un inspiring profiles. This gives me a notion that lot of reading and writing has put me in a position of advantage.

I need to continue doing what i am doing right now. and do it even better. Conscious practice.

Few examples.

-requirement gathering , analysis,understanding customer requirements and high level design document
-requirements documentation
-Liaise with Business and other Stakeholders to capture detailed requirements
-worked with client in Agile format to gather the requirements and use cases
– work on the functional design, triaging the defects , functional testing

-gap analysis
-effort estimation

-strategy alignment and business consulting

-agile methodology and handling the scrum calls and giving demos to clients
-set up new client initiative , client engagement
-negotiate the contracts , service level agreements and proposal bids
-prepare use case for the requirements

-define business process and the workflows
-transfer knowledge

-defined end to end solution along with the planning for the operational support, defect management,planning of the migration activities,client walk through sessions
-propose functionality of the portal , cms , search , seo and web analytic s solution
-solution consultancy

Elon Musk


I read biography of people i find interesting . To know , what they are like . How have they become what they are. Elon is one such guy. Founder of Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity

There is so much to the personality and being of what he is , which starts from his childhood and better yet even before that.

Unusual child , who reads a lot whether it is science fiction or history. Born in South Africa when most of the kids where into sports , Elon was into programming , writing software and playing video games. We have way ahead even in his childhood days. Nobody noticed that yet.

Logical a kid he is, his constant correction of other kids on their understanding of life created a lot of enemies. He would constantly be bullied by them.

His brash Father. Perhaps Elon get his engineer and conceptual thinking from his dad.Looks like he did not like him.There is such a irony in this.The Book says the mother is very beautiful. None of the children and Mom doesn’t like the father and yet they were married for long years.

Elon had ideas like Utilization of Solar energy, colonizing Alien Planets , Paperless Banking  in high school, which is way back in 1990. I guess he is living his dream right now. Call i coincidence or fate. This guy is a born genius.

When others kids would sit and have lunch , Elon would manufacture rockets with the mixture of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal. In 2016 he is launch rockets to space.

Notorious incidents of business , wild forest expedition , brilliance in class , outstanding general knowledge. Just few traits and incidents from his childhood.


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