17th April 2016

For some reason , last few days i have reduced my writing.

I am not sure why is that. May be i feel pressure that i need to write better since i am reading so much and so many styles, May be i feel i need to design my content better as i am learning so much on psychology,May be i feel like i need to structure my page better as i am software engineer by profession and i know a slight about HTML.

There is always this may be. some may say what if ? so ????

This my gawky art for today. It is lower than amateur i guess. It is fun though, it gives me the possibility of creating something all by myself. I feel empowered .i can draw whatever i want. I can put wings on a dog, put Donald trump on far off moon, color the black crow, paint the ocean green, name it , i can do it.

my cheetah.jpg

it has given me a good sense of proportion and attention to detail. I used to think the image is in my head so that must translate into my drawing.

Hell ya, that is never gonna work that way for me. I am not James Cameron who could dream about extra terrestrial species and wake up, and draw those characters. By the way that rendition is the movie Avatar.

There is so much complexity in the objects and people, i tend to ignore on daily basis. When i start to draw that when i get to the reality, i am missing so much.

Let me put up some interesting facts. well i must say these may not be interesting to all but it for me. so the better way to present might be ” My interesting facts”

Cheetah can run at about 115-120 Km/hr max speed. It takes about 3 seconds from zero to 60 km/hr. By the way no car in the world can do that. Cheetah can do it in 3 strides. Nature’s wonder. It spends more time on air than on ground when it runs full speed. eyes fixated on the target. Its tail work as a balancer. It starts with its front legs, pushes it back as much as possible with the specialized paws that are flat and hard , the contraction is almost takes it to the mid point of its rib, in the mean time the back legs are going forward so much so that they go beyond the front legs at a point.

One of the most astonishing   aspect of the motion which i dont see people talking about is that each leg of cheetah works independent and work at a different angle and strides. For example, the left leg goes front and then right leg, the gap between them prevents from a clash. Same to the back of legs as well. All working in a perfect harmony. Its so natural for cheetah even it involves some complex physics and biology.

Here is the actual picture of the cheetah i drew, my friends would through stone at me for my bad drawing. Which is why i am not showing them.


Here is my video analysis.


fastest speed any Man has ever reached in Usain Bolt 44.64 KM/hr which took him more than 50m at least as i said before cheetah can zero to 60 KM/hr in less than 3 seconds and in approximately 3 strides which is less than 50m .

Some more fun facts

Cobra vs Mongoose  


Here is the video link 

At first i thought Mongoose is really cocky, why does it have to pick up a fight with Cobra. Cobra is one of the most venomous snake in the world. It can strike at milliseconds, no matter how many times you mange to evade a strike , a single mistake can kill you. That simple, is it worth to risk your life for a ego boosting act.

I think this is the reason for Mongooses cockiness, it is just as fast as Cobra, it has 4 legs , which means it more agile than Snake. It can jump . it can distract , easiest of all run away. It has more tricks in its bag than snake.

It also has a evolutionary advantage as well, which is , it is immune to the venom of snake. I mean to a certain extent yes. I dont know how much is that extent , else the mongoose  wouldn’t have to work so hard to beat the snake. Or is it really that smart or such a risk taker to test its limit ? i dont know.

I must say, Mongoose technique is awesome. It circles the snake, wears it out with its useless punches. Just like Muhammad Ali did against George foreman , He dodged 21 punches in 10 seconds.

Then when the snake is tired it bites its back of its head, snaps it and yes . Job Done. Well Done. Pity on the part of snake. It cant run away because mongoose is faster ,it can pick a fight anywhere. Snake is limbless, has only one weapon in its arsenal which is speed. Venom is given its not a weapon though. The speed is its main weapon.

I just realized i have written two pages about few of the special animals of the world, and totally forgot to eat and study for my certification. Typical me. They are not gonna ask about cheetah or Mongoose in the exam. Why the hell did i have to do so much analysis on that.

I know the answer of that . That is me. Wandering around.




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