My Time is not your Time

Theory of Relativity in a simple sense


classical Newtonian mechanics considered time to be absolute. which means time does not change and it is one and the same for everyone.There was guy in Swiss patent office , supposedly a clerk at that time in 1900. who looked at this idea and imagined if that were to be true then it would not fit well the Maxwell theory which indicates that a electro magnetic wave must travel at a constant speed. Light in this case.

so he thought of an experiment. Lets say there are two observers A and B . separated in space . who observe an event take place.Observer A measures the event and so does B

Distance = Speed x Time

since time is absolute, the observers A and B come up with different measurement of the distance traveled by light and also consequently different speed of light. This guy who i am talking about is Albert Einstein.

He says well, that cant be true. Speed of light needs to be constant, it cant change for different observers.Laws of physics must be same for all particles in the universe . Speed of light is constant and no particle in the universe can go faster than light.

Now you might ask, what is the implication of this theory?

Einstein said time goes with space. Space and time has to be considered in unison.
In the above example each observer A and B are in their own space and have their own clock to measure time. So they might come up with different measurements for the distance traveled by light and the time taken but the speed of light remains constant. This in fact can be experimentally be proven using various examples while Newtonian mechanics will fail to do so.

Ignorant me used to think , what the hell, why do i need to care about space and time?. I have a watch which shows time which works in which ever space i go. Dont confuse me with these ideas they dont look important to me.

Then i realized these theories have huge consequences to man kind as they lead to pathways that radically change the way we perceive the world.In essence it defines what we are. If the theory is true.

How is that ?

Idea of Space and time propagates to create Energy and Mass equivalence which is

which means that energy and mass are interchangeable. Every energy in the world can be converted to mass and mass can be converted back to energy.Think of it this way I can be transformed into a huge beam of light or a light beam can be transformed into my creation. Sounds crazy isn’t it.this is not fiction. It can be real assuming the theory is correct. It has however not yet been possible to prove this experimentally because the amount of energy needed to create matter that way would be enormous.Which begs the question to be asked was Einstein right about it or no? Well most of the Bright minds in the world agree that it is true because it can explain hell lot of theories even though it has never been practically proven, or may it is i dont know.

Take Away

I must confess there are lot of concepts which are intermingled and souped in to create this idea, which is quite intense. Best way to understand and learn is to question everything from the start. You may end up going round and round in circles . Motivation is that you would not be delusional with the lame theory about life like lot of them. Who knows, I may use this theory in some ways in my life or may be come up with better one. You see if a clerk at Swiss patent office can be genius of the century why cant I?  It is common assumption that only Physicists or Brilliant people come up with Ideas that can change the world we live in.

For all those people who think that way.

Here is the quote from Steve Jobs ” Stay hungry , Stay Foolish ”

Please note: Einstein and Newton were one of the most inspiring thinkers and scientists of our world. My intention is to learn from them and present their views in a simple way. This post is by no means intended to debase them.


Brief History of time by Stephen Hawking 


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