The Secret of Data and Information


For Most people day begins with the sound of Alarm Clock. Then a routine to get up from the bed to the Work Place. On the way to workplace and in the work place, we get a lot of inputs through the surrounding, people talking, reading, hearing, smelling, watching. After you have finished your work you go home and sleep and the cycle repeats all over again. 

All the while your body is also communicating to you that it is hungry, it is feeling thirsty etc. There is one thing that is common from the start that is Data, Information.

There is deep secret under lying with each piece of data out there regardless of the source. Before uncovering that secret or may be its not . Let me decipher data first. This is my own simplified version of a complex Model.

Note – Data and Information is not the same, consider it as an entry point in this Article.


Any new Data and Information can be classified into below categories.

– a) Confirmation– things that you already know , new information is a further evidence to that . lets say I know that Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer. Someone tells an inspiring story which confirms my belief even more. Things that you like, things that interests you, Ideas, People, Objects, Passions, Likes and Dislikes. When you watch somebody that fits your description of good and interesting its confirms to your system of believes. People to tend to read, judge, see majorly things that fit their confirmation model. Lot of stuff gets filtered. Think about it when you are walking outside on a road, how many times have you noticed the top of the building next to you, or types of tress on the side lanes. As per Design Humans are a pattern matching machine that looks for confirmations every second. 

– b) Against your believes / opinions but does not put you in any disadvantage or harm you.This applicable to friendly arguments. People will have disagreement on your idea a lot of times. So one tends to explain each other , look into the other side, negotiate or still stick with the old ways.

– c) Against your believes / opinions does put you in a disadvantage or harm you.
Someone does not understand what you say and because of that gap will behave in a way that will hurt you. Affect your ,effort and Mind. This could be a unfair scenario where a bully is trying make his/her way. Or it could be someone who does not think about the others before making the move. For example you run down the elevator, you may not see this, but someone else might be sipping an ice cream and would fall off due to unexpected rush in front.

– d) Entertainment and fun.
About actors, celebrities,TV. gossip. Fiction. This is generally relative from person to person. People like to hear about this category.

– e) You dont have much idea about this but knowing it can do a lot good to you. This could include Ideas or Information that one does not understand.Physics, Mathematics,about personal finance. Politics. law. Medicine

– f) Things that are necessary to know
like emergency procedure in case of heart attack. or the speed dial of a police. routes to home.about diets, basic manners on how to behave. being polite. respecting peoples privacy. some of these are cultural for example when I say manners, manners change from country to country and culture to culture. Things not offensive to one person may be offensive to others. A person who is dealing with  multi cultural situation better act neutral and understand what things are in other context , culture is something you cannot take away from a person. This will also include ones Job details ( one that is necessary to work)

– g) Entertainment yet productive
like music, sports , General Knowledge etc

– h) Compare – Lot of Things that people say forces us to compare. Lets say my Friend comes in and says I have won this competition ,Your Boss says your performance is not good enough, You eat your Burger and realize it does not feel good like before.Comparing is a necessary mechanism built in Human System. Lot of times we take inputs from outside to make a value based comparison like I am not feeling good today may I am unwell , let me check my temperature.

Here is the Secret. 

One aspect that is common to all these types of Information/Data is Emotion
People react to each of this different types of Information/Data with different Emotions.

a) Confirmation – Joy,Surprise,Trust,Pride,Love
b) Against ( Neutral ) – Could be Fear or Anger, Surprise
c) Against ( Not in favor ) – Anger, Fear, Disgust, Pity, Grief, Hate, Pride
d and g) Entertainment – Joy,Amusement,Love
e) No Idea – Surprise,Shame
f) Necessary – Surprise,Fear,Anxiety
h) Compare – Envy,Pride,Resentment,Worry.


Emotions are instinctive. If I offend someone that will affect their pride section c, that will cause a chain of reaction that is instinctive to every person. Lot of times this instincts are determined by Nature of a Person. Some people who are mild and easy going tend
to submit ,give up and walk away. Other people who are short tempered and Ego Centric will tend to take a defensive route , they will defend themselves
either by abusing you back or hitting you with a greater force.

I am referring to a lot of areas of Social Behavior and Human Psychology. Each one of them is a subject in itself. My Main intention of this Article is to give an Idea of how a piece of Data/Information can touch emotions and cause one to react. Lot of times the section c and g that can get one into trouble. Since ones deep emotions are being ignited they tend to act in a less informed manner which will not help in their well being.

I see lot of elders being resolved in their behavior regardless of the nature of the information, not that they dont feel the impact of emotions. They have learnt over the years how better to control them and act in a Resourceful and Productive manner. This is still not enough . We are living in such a un predictable world, tomorrow I could be faced in a situation which could Ignite huge range of emotions in which case I might
get paralyzed unable to react. As I am writing this Article I am hoping that knowing them , will help me deal with any situation better in future.

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