I am going Home


Sitting in front of office desk today, I realize that is has been 92 days since I wrote a post. I was thinking I will participate in the daily prompt but many times the word that comes up does not give a clue to my dumb brain.

 Today I have decided I will break the shackles of Daily prompt and prompt myself to write something out of my heart. 

Today I booked tickets to go home. Last time I was home the Sun did not stand still, there was no choir to welcome me on the airport, there were no press, in fact most of the people in the state and country did not even know I existed. 

All that , does not matter. Because I am going home to the people that know me for sometime , perhaps most of the times. I am going home to the childhood experiences. I am going home to the place of my education. I am going home to the land that domesticated me. I am going home from where I draw my culture. I am going to home to meet all those people who like to see me and are glad about it. 

You really have to miss something badly to appreciate and know its value. All the time that I have, I have used to taking it for granted. Many days drowned in my own self, trying to pull myself up. This up is an illusion because when you are up you see others who are already there and if you manage to go beyond it you will find some more people, If one is lucky enough they could go to a level where there are only Stars above.

Let me rejoice this moment. Be patient. I don’t expect anything because expectation is the root of misery.I will take this slow because I wont get this moment again. Tomorrow I am going home. 

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