When Running feels better than walking

Mysterious as it is, top to bottom of my left leg seem to have a breakdown. It feels like someone is poking my knee with a sharp spear, and not just knee they are also targeting my quads, my gluts and even my foot. Never have I ever, thought I need to change my walking style.These days I have too, because the normal style distributes weight proportionately to various muscles groups and that hurts.


Due to my painful condition I have to walk like Robot whose knees are jammed dragging the left foot like loose ends of a comet. I tend to occupy all sorts of dancing positions while getting down the stairs as stairs are the hardest with bad knee. I am even doing Moon Walk on roads as walking backwards engages more of hamstring than front part of the leg.

It might seem strange but I feel its better to run in this state than walk , because walking is so slow it pains longer.Running might hurt a bit more but it will get over sooner.

All the body parts are so connected. I feel sorry for my right leg, it is doing extra work due to this half arse left who is not strong enough to deal with the forces. Body is really smart. It knows how to adjust. It has a natural propensity to avoid pain. Even though I do not want to look like a star wars character the body automatically adjusts not to bear weight on the weak spot. That’s  good in lot of ways, it helps to heal the weakened muscles. Technically it might take about 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

It could be a muscle tear or a muscle strain or a ligament tear or a meniscus tear. God knows what. It might seem odd about the neglect I am showing towards my injury. One reason for that is ,this is not the first time. I know my body, it takes time to heal and many times when I have thought the worst , it only needed some more time to recover and get better.

Biggest lesson this situation has thought me is not be cocky. Always warm up before Football or any sort of Running. Almost never break the routine of weekly runs. Somehow the vacation breaks all the routine. A single slip of mind and now I am battling with the one leg.Always warm up.

Another take away for me is , my general understanding of the body is hugely primitive and unworthy. I think I know but I don’t.Reading bundles of online crap only gives a fake gratification of knowledge. No I don’t know, Yes I really do not know ,in-spite of reading loads off stuff on nutrition , exercise and training.

Every ones body is different and lot of times the training has to be customized based on the muscular conditioning and potential.I haven’t checked any of these, I am only experimenting on my body like a mad scientist. Its not too bad because these things are not harmful, but they are not that productive either if you are looking for good results.

until next time.

photo credits: Google


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