Ronaldo meets Messi


This will be a series of Hypothetical conversation between two of the best footballers on the planet. Two are likely candidates for GOAT ( Greatest of All Time).

Small Brief for those who Don’t know. Both these players come from a very modest background. Perhaps Messi was much more poorer compared to Ronaldo. Messi had a growth deficiency disorder at very early age. His sublime football talent promised him treatment and better future. Messi is very reserved. Introvert. He does not even speak English. For world famous guy who stands at 5 feet 6 inches who runs the whole world on his feet, that’s little odd. He does not flaunt and whine much.

Ronaldo is slightly polarizing figure compared to Messi.  Looks are very important to him, which is why he has had lot of cosmetic surgeries on himself. He is a bit narcissist. Materialistic. Likes to show off every time. Take nothing from his Talent and Hard work. It is his work ethic that has made him so great.

By the way, I think you can make out who is Ronaldo from the picture above. It is the one on left with a swanky hair cut, trimmed ear brows, polished nails, flossed teeth,Designer Tux. One on Right is of course the little genius Messi


Ronaldo = Hola.
Messi = Hola.
Ronaldo = How are you ?
Messi = I am OK.
Ronaldo = You seem a little depressed.
Messi = Ya, we lost to Brazil. My teammate Neymar scored. It was frustrating.
Ronaldo = He He, I scored 2 goals for Portugal, La la la ( Ronaldo gloating with a smug face )
Messi = No response.


Ronaldo = How is your son ?
Messi = He is doing fine.
Ronaldo = Have you taught him football.
Messi = Ya, a bit . I let him enjoy. I do not want to force him to do anything.
Ronaldo = You know what. I dont care. I have put my son on full training regime.
Messi = I see, how is he doing.
Ronaldo = I am confident , he will win Ballon Dor in 15 years time.
Messi = Good Luck.
Ronaldo = Thank you , But I dont need it.


Ronaldo = Do you have any plans of marrying your girl friend.
Messi = Right now I want to just focus on football.
Ronaldo = Common man, Get a life. There are so many things beyond football. Look I got a new Bugatti , Singed a new contract till 2018 with a weekly wages close to 300k. Yo Yo.
Messi = Good for you.
Ronaldo = What do you think of Arsenal, Do you think they will beat Manchester United this weekend.
Messi = Arsenal are playing well. I like Ozil and Sanchez. They are a good team. They might have problems with Jose’s Defensive line up. I hope for a good match.
Ronaldo = Balls, United will win.

Photo credits: Google


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