I am going Home

Sitting in front of office desk today, I realize that is has been 92 days since I wrote a post. I was thinking I will participate in the daily prompt but many times the word that comes up does not give a clue to my dumb brain.  Today I have decided I will break the […]

Harvardx ContractsX 2016

What is a contract? co ordination. free men and women. Communication, Agreement, Understanding, and Trust Communication, Agreement, Understanding, and Trust how do you bring about co ordination. through communication agreement understanding trust ladder of trust planning is co ordination with time commitment and promise Dead Weight loss in economics is a scenario of loss of […]

JAVA Beginners part 18

Client and Server Model – how to establish connection to the server – how to send messages to the server – how to receive messages from the server Socket chatSocket = new Socket(&… Source: JAVA Beginners part 18

JAVA Beginners part 13

Static Methods Math Class has lot of static methods. These methods can be used without a need to create an object of math class. There is no Object needed, no heap space spent. The methods can be c… Source: JAVA Beginners part 13

JAVA Beginners part 11

The compiler decides whether you can call a method based on the reference type, not the actual object type. Any object that you create is more than a simple Object. It has access to all of the meth… Source: JAVA Beginners part 11

JAVA Beginners part 10

A class cannot be marked private. In case you dont want a class to be sub classed/inherited you can mark it as Final.More on Final later. Override = The method name , parameters and return type mus… Source: JAVA Beginners part 10