JAVA Beginners part 17

How to save data in a Java program. a) use serialization if the programs that use the saved data are Java b) write a plain text file Steps to save an object through serialization. FileOutputStream filestream = new FileOutputStream(“mygame.ser”); this will create a file ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(filestream); this lets you to create objects, […]

The Secret of Data and Information

For Most people day begins with the sound of Alarm Clock. Then a routine to get up from the bed to the Work Place. On the way to workplace and in the work place, we get a lot of inputs through the surrounding, people talking, reading, hearing, smelling, watching. After you have finished your work you […]

JAVA Beginners part 15

Java Sound ——— 1)get a sequencer sequencer player = midisystem.getsequencer(); 2)make a new sequence sequence seq = new sequence(timing,4); 3)get a new track track t = seq.createTrack(); 4)fill in the track with midievents t.add(mymidievent1); player.setsequence(seq); the actual instructions of a song is held in the message. setmessage(144,1,44,100) 144 says the message type, on or off […]

JAVA Beginners part 13

Static Methods Math Class has lot of static methods. These methods can be used without a need to create an object of math class. There is no Object needed, no heap space spent. The methods can be c… Source: JAVA Beginners part 13